Enabling Self-management
and Coping with Arthritic Pain
using Exercise


The ESCAPE-pain programme is an intervention for people with knee/hip osteoarthritis developed by Professor Mike Hurley. The programme is hosted by the Health Innovation Network and supported by NHS England and Versus Arthritis.

ESCAPE-pain delivers the NICE core recommendations of exercise and education for the management of osteoarthritis. The programme was referenced in the original National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidelines for the Management of Osteoarthritis [2008], and adopted as a case study in NICE’s Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention programme [2013]. The NICE guidelines for the care and management of osteoarthritis were revised in 2014 (CG17).

Robust evaluation shows that it is clinically and cost-effective. For further information on the evidence base please see here.


Support for the programme:



The following resources have been designed to support clinical commissioning groups who might want to consider integrating ESCAPE-pain into their MSK contracts.



Our provider/commissioner infographic shows the clincal and economic benefits of the ESCAPE-pain programme:


For further information please email: hello@escape-pain.org


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