Enabling Self-management
and Coping with Arthritic Pain
using Exercise

ESCAPE-pain Online


What is ESCAPE-pain Online?


ESCAPE-pain Online is a free resource produced in the NHS by the Health Innovation Network and Salaso Solution Ltd. It is a web-based version of the ESCAPE-pain app.

ESCAPE-pain Online offers participants a new platform from which to access the programme. It complements the well-established face-to-face group programme (that is deliverd in over 160 sites across the United Kingdom), and serves as an alternative to the mobile app.

To create an account and start using the programme, or to access your existing account, please click on the button below:  


We have developed ESCAPE-pain Online so that participants can access the programme whether they are using a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. And, it is especially helpful for those that don’t live near a class or who don’t have access to a smart phone. ESCAPE-pain Online is best viewed on a computer. 

ESCAPE-pain Online involves 12 sessions, twice a week over 6-weeks, and combines education and exercise. Choose between 16 high quality exercise videos to improve your joint pain and watch engaging animations and education videos to learn to manage your condition better. Feel more in control of your pain and able to do more of the things you want to do. The programme requires you to record your progress and repetitions which you are prompted to do with clear and simple guidance.


Strong, well-coordinated muscles are a necessity not a luxury. They protect your joints and can delay, even prevent, pain and disability, maintaining your independence and dignity.


After 1-2 sessions you will learn that exercise isn’t painful and start to feel the benefits – better able to do the exercises, more confident, more in control. Start slowly, increase gradually, and follow the instructions in the videos, which have been developed to show you how to do the exercises safely in your own home.


Professor Mike Hurley, originator of the ESCAPE-pain programme, says “Thanks to ESCAPE-pain Online anyone with chronic knee or hip pain can benefit from the programme, regardless where they live. We developed it so that more people can access the programme. It will support people to exercise safely and regularly in their own home. It offers a new platform from which to access the programme so is particularly helpful for those that don’t live near a class or who don’t have access to a smart phone.”


For more information please email hello@escape-pain.org


ESCAPE-pain Online is a support tool, provided for reference only. It is therefore not to be used as the sole basis for treatment, prescription and care of your condition and health. It should be used in conjunction with the advice and professional judgment of your GP or other healthcare practitioner.


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